About Us

Damaged Mobile Devices

Oops! You did it again cracked your smart phone or tablet!  We fix any mobile devices and computer LCD. 

All phones are done in less than an hour. Some models and manufacturers have to be ordered but can have within 24 hours.  I do not send phones out I repair in house.

- Apple iPhones, iPads and iPods 

- Samsung phones and tablets - Motorola 

- HTC, LG 

- Kindles, Nooks 

Professional Services

  Cellfone Fixer prides on superb customer service.   I have great pricing, quick turnaround  and professional services. The best assets in this industry the use of premium replacement screens. I pay a little more for my screens. I am a big believer of quality products and quality work.  

I do not always get to update my pricing please call for a quote. 

Buyer Beware if you are getting very low quotes for screen replacements then the quality of the screens are not going to be good and no where close to Original OEM screen.

Other Services

 I also do computer repairs and troubleshooting. 18 year computer professional  on Windows and Apple products. Check out my computer website www.capecomputerpros.com 

Phone Vs Fone

When I was thinking of naming my company I wanted to be unique. The word Phone is what everyone is use to as one that is plugged in. Fone means a texting device that could also mean tablets because they have the ability to text too.